Multi-Room Music

Music in different rooms for different people. That's the simple concept of multi-room music. You choose the music from your iPod, iTunes library, Internet radio, Pandora, or AM/FM tuner and our components deliver it throughout your home, inside and outside, in any number of rooms you choose.

Our multi-room music solutions allow you to control a central audio system from any room in your home from elegant touch screens, ergonomic remote controls, or even your iPhone or iPad. With a multiple-source system, you can listen to the radio in one room while others are enjoying CDs or digital music elsewhere, all from one system. Whether you want single-source or multi-source, Sound City Electronics can design a system to enhance every lifestyle.

By using a whole house audio server you can just select the genre, album or the artists and press play on your remote or touch screens. You can also search by album cover, artists, and genre right on your TV or touch screens. You can select the albums and songs you wish to hear, and quickly create your custom play lists. You can create different music play lists such as a dinner mix, a workout mix, a party mix or just a favorite mix.  Just imagine having complete access to your music collection throughout your home and the backyard too. Listen to the same music everywhere, or have different content playing in different areas simultaneously. Be able to set the mood for any occasion, anywhere in the house with the proper music.

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